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Four Gold Coins

The Knight approached the maiden with 4 heavy gold coins...

"You may have them maiden," he said, "but take them in knowing what you must give to own them."

"The first one, you may take in a vow of friendship, trust, and caring."

"The second one, you may take in a vow of opening your heart with trust."

"The third one, you may take knowing that you love him forever."

"And the fourth one you may take knowing you just took his heart."

"So how many pieces will you take now Maiden, and how many later?"

(What was never told  to all that heard the story was that the Knight
held a fifth piece of heavy gold behind his back, waiting for the moment
the Maiden took all four.  
Did she never take all four or is the story undone? It is thought
 that the heavy piece of gold behind his back,
 was round in shape and hollow,
 some today call it a ring. ")     

WishesMade, copyright and all rights reserved 1/30/2001
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