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Yesterday and More
Remembering the excitement of a child's romance...
My mind never seems to leave your heart...
Like the prom queen accepted my offer to dance...
And later my request to meet in the park.

The first kiss, your eyes are closed tight...
Do you see me as I hold you?
In your heart and long into the night...
Will you love me ever so true?

May I share my smiles and hide my tears?
Will you share all your tears with me?
I only want to protect you from fears...
As along life's path we travel happily.

Touching my sighs, as I reach out to touch you...
Is this a dream, that I will someday awake?
Or will your heart be mine too...
As my heart you do take?
WishesMade, copyright and all rights reserved, 05/10/2001

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Musical selection is, "Yesterday, Once More"  Unknown Author and sequencer.