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Wishes Plea
If you enjoyed this site, I have a request.  While my poetry,
I sincerely hope, reached to your heart, as my heart
was expressed, I would really like my writing to help
 others who need help more than most of us.

Please sit down now and write a check to your local
"Battered Women's Shelter"
Even if it is only a dollar, it is one more dollar than
they currently have.

Every day, women are abused both emotionally and
physically with no place to turn.  Locked in a prison
of love and shame, without ability to know what to
do.  It may be your neighbor, best friend, or relative,
yet the bruises of the body ,
or heart may never be

If you do not know how to find your nearest shelter,
please write me, I will help you find it, be it to
send a donation...or find peace.