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This  page  takes  you   to  poetry  that  
I  have  been  requested  to write  for others,  or in  some  
cases  been  moved  so  dearly  that  I wrote  it  on   
my own.  In  each  case  I took  time  to  learn  about  
the  person  it  was written  for.  

If  you  would  like  me  to  write  a  special  poem  for  
that  someone special  in  your life,  please  
contact  me.  I  no  longer  do  this  for  free  except  
in  very special  cases,  but your money is  well  
spent,  as  I donate  it  to battered women's  shelters.
Write  me  at Wishes

Please  understand  that  when  I  do dedications,  the  poem right s are  given  with  them .  This  will take  you  to  the  sites  of  others.  You  will  need  to  hit  your  back  button  to  return

For You Mother

Music is "Invisible Touch" by Genesis
unknown sequencer found at
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