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Last Hug

Why                                            Misguided                                                              

Why?                                       Raindrops are my
why is it                                   tears for you....
that the raindrops                  Kisses
bring                                        once
a gentle kiss                           we held so
from you?                                dear.

memories of                           Now a memory
those tender lips                    of the past...
that barely linger                     of a time
as they                                     together...
brush                                       once sincere.
                                                             my own...

in the darkness                      in the light of  
of the still                                day....  
of night,                                   I carry on.
as rain patters                       As clouds form   
on the glass,                          to darken...
my heart                                 once again
reaches out                            alone.
with questioning

and teardrops                       and the raindrops
trickle                                     slowly begin
slowly                                     to
down                                      fall....
the                                          To wash away      
pain...                                     my tears.
why?                                      Questions in
the words                              my
tumble from                           heart,,,,
my trembling lips...               cold with fear.

why did you go?                   Where was I yesterday?
why are you now                   Where will I go?  
so far away?                          I lost your love  
why am                                   So very fast...
I all alone?                              How was I to know?

was                                         The cost
this                                           of
this price                                 loving you...   
to pay for                                 I gladly    
loving you                                paid
with                                          in
all                                             full.  
my                                           But then
heart?                                     you                                       
held you                                 sent me
at the airport,                        away.
and my heart                         What once was
said it's goodbye,                 keen, now dull.

I could only                             Will I see
whisper...                                you
was it                                      ever again...
forever?                                  Will
will                                           the
I                                               hugs                                           
know                                       return
the peace                               Or
of your arms                           must
once                                        I  
again?                                    wait
or have                                   forever
we said                                  till                                     
it for                                        ice                                          
the                                          freezes
last                                         over
time?                                     hell's burn?

why?                                      Why did you say...
why                                         That  
did                                          I  
you                                         Must  
go?                                        Go away?
Liana Brittain                         WishesMade
copyright 2001                            copyright 4/13/2001

The poem "Misguided,"  was written with permission against the poem "Why,"
by the noted poet, Liana Brittain.  Please visit her site, it is beautiful.
Amethyst's Domain

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Musical selection is "Goodbye," by Yuko Ohigashi,
and used with permission by the talented
 13 year old's mother.