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Man In The Moon
They say there is a man in the moon,
His face I see occasionally.
Through darkness he glows in full bloom,
To light up the night so I can see.

I know he is real, I see him myself,
On moonlit nights with starry skies.
But I also know there is something else,
Behind his cheerful smiley disguise.

He has a heart which soothes my soul,
And makes me feel liked and happy inside.
He has a radiance that all should know,
Sometimes he even tries to hide.

Like the man in the moon, you are there,
And remain near me through my life.
You smile and glow most everywhere,
And carry me through my times of strife.

Only I have never known you to try to hide,
When I need you, you are always there.
To laugh or cry, you are right at my side,
As a friend, I know you care.

Was it luck that I met you?
A friendship that did not come too soon.
Meeting someone so warm and true,
Just like the glow of the man in the moon.
WishesMade, copyright and all rights reserved 06/07/00

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Musical Selection is, "Cat's Cradle," by heck, I don't know.
If someone can tell me where I got this, I would be
happy to give credit.

WishesMade, copyright 06/07/00